By: Steven GJ

Gone are the days were employers take potential employees by face value due to the increase in crime and terrorism acts. On request the Freedom of Information Act states that criminal arrest records be available to any public citizen requiring information on a said individual.

It has now become standard procedure when applying for a position that the employer does a screening and this is mainly for safety and security reasons. Employers can also do educational checks online as many people are not producing fraudulent certification as well as fraudulent documentation such as social security numbers, previous employment and much more.

Not only are employers asking for criminal arrest records but many women and men who are about to get married are also requesting records to make sure they are not marrying a criminal or someone that has a history of violence or drug abuse. One can obtain records from most government department such as courts and police stations but there is a much easier way of doing this which will save you time as well.

All you need to do is go online and find a private records provider who will charge a small fee but will provide you with an accurate and comprehensive record of the person in question. Or alternatively you can search online free of charge although it could take some time and patience.

One also has the option to check out their own personal records which could then be included along with your resume when applying for a position that’s if you don’t have any criminal arrest records. Whichever state you reside in you need to follow the states laws and procedure policies as each state may differ when it comes to retrieving records of any individual. Some states allow public online access and other states need written applications.