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Maryland Criminal Trial Lawyer for Burglary Cases

A Proven Criminal Trial Lawyer for Burglary Cases in Maryland

Burglary is a very serious criminal offense that can result in jail time even for first time offenders. Whether the criminal charges are for burglary or breaking and entering, the state can prosecute you harder than the crime of theft because there are victims involved. Maryland state prosecutors demand stiff criminal penalties for crimes with victims involved. Lavenstein Law has a wealth of experience defending burglary cases in Maryland and will vehemently defend your theft case.

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Burglary involves victims and loss of property, resulting in stiffer penalties. Depending on the circumstances, the alleged suspect may face severe criminal sentences in addition to victim recompense. It is important to have a top criminal defense attorney defend your innocence and maintain your freedom.

Burglary is a Crime Which Requires a Serious Criminal Defense Lawyer

Contact Lavenstein Law if you are arrested for these criminal charges:

  • Burglary – 1st degree, 2nd degree
  • Breaking & Entering – 1st degree, 2nd degree
  • Home Invasion
  • Theft
  • Grand Theft
  • Larceny
  • Petty Larceny


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Hire an Experienced Maryland Criminal Trial Lawyer to Defend Your Burglary Case

If you are arrested and charged with burglary in Maryland, do not hesitate to contact Lavenstein Law. Terry Lavenstein is the criminal defense attorney you want on your side when facing the criminal justice system. You do not have to face the judge alone. For burglary cases in Maryland, hire Terry Lavenstein, a proven Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney located in Baltimore.

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