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Different Types of Investigation

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By: Michelle Zone Smith

There are several types of investigation that will become part of your routine as an investigator.

1. Criminal Investigations

Private investigators work either for the victim or for the defendant or his attorney in criminal proceedings. Serious crimes, which may lead to arrest and conviction of a subject, are the source of cases for the legal/criminal investigator.

2. Civil Investigations

This belongs to anything involving lawsuits in which questions of money or property must be settled. Violations of the law are usually not included. Divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury and negligence cases, and lawsuits of various types are examples of civil cases that may request investigation.

3. Negligence Investigations

This type of investigation is conducted either for the plaintiff’s attorney to prove liability or for the defendant’s company or business to prove the absence of liability or absence of a permanent serious injury. This can be accomplished through the use of surveillance (often video or photo), locating and interviewing witnesses, or trying to establish that a pre-existing condition caused or was aggravated by the injury or that the defendant was at fault. A modest investigative fee often saves a client from a large monetary award.

4. Corporate Investigation

An investigator may monitor what is going on in a business, investigate fraud within or outside the company, and provide diligence investigations or pre-employment screening.

5. General Investigations

This category includes a wide variety of investigative activities. This included location of witnesses and missing persons, tracing dishonest employee and fraud, security surveys, surveillances, bodyguard work, serving of legal procedure, etc.

6. Personnel and Background Checks

This type of investigation is ordered by businesses, and is undertaken in order to determine whether the feature, history, financial status, credentials of an individual make him a suitable candidate for a job, a position of public trust, a large loan, credit, etc. Insurance companies investigate applicants; banks check on individuals applying for loans and also check the applicant’s credit rating.

7. Security

Many private investigative companies offer a series of security services, including:

Safety protection, security incident investigation, and celebrity protection.


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