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Laws Can Check Criminal Activities

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By: Connor R Sullivan

The actual definition of crime varies from society to society. Violation of laws is accounted as a crime by the governing authority, but the laws tend to change. Though every crime is causing a violation of a law somehow, every violation of law is not a crime. Treachery could either harm the public or the state in some way. A bail bond provides an assurance to quick release from imprisonment. The convict can fight off his case in a better way if he gets released by using this option of bail bonds.

Las Vegas also has the criminal law in place like any other state in America. An offense committed against the community or state is punishable under the law of the state. There is a sleek difference in immoral act and a crime. Many crimes are immoral, but it is not necessary that all immoral actions are illegal. The definition of crime changes over time due to the change in social values, thus the law of the state changes accordingly. These are just the minor changes; however the infrastructure remains the same.

In most of societies around the world, crime is dealt with by the judicial system. This system comprises of law enforcing agencies which mainly consist of the police task force. The law regulating agencies, such as courts, impose penalties such as fines or imprisonment. The severity of an offense determines whether the convict needs to be served an imprisonment or a death sentence. The penalty on some of the offenses may vary due to the difference of gender and age. A child may not be punished as severely as an adult would have on his offense. There is a separate section for juvenile delinquency in which a convict is dealt with in a different way.

Whereas capital punishment has been abolished from most European countries, Las Vegas, along with other American states, still inflict this punishment for the most treacherous offenses. For other non-capital offenses, there are other penalties such as imprisonment. The punishment could be waived on the condition that the convict does not involve in any such offense next time. After his release, he still remains under surveillance for a set period of time.

Penalizing a criminal in one way or the other is a most distinctive part of judicial systems around the world, but it’s important that a punishment should not be a means of vengeance but rather a fair means to eliminate evil from the society. However, if it is meant for retribution, then most of the times you will not be able to see justice. Law is meant for the reformation of the society, and vengeance could not be justified in this regard as one could easily take law in his hands in retribution.

That is why we have law enforcing agencies and the judicial system working in coordination to keep a check over crime. Penology is aimed to reform or rehabilitate the criminal. During imprisonment, a criminal is trained and educated to make him a law abiding citizen before he is released in to the community.


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