DWI Vs DUI – What is the Difference?

By: Elanora T. Kelly [ad_1] Driving is a fun thing to do, but it can lead to serious trouble if done while drinking or talking to your cell phone. The authorities are strict when it comes to people who drink and drive. The law has made it clear that if you are caught doing those […]

DWI Lawyers

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By: Sara Fredder [ad_1] Driving while intoxicated or DWI is a serious offense and will be penalized legally. Persons charged for driving under influence have to face trial in court. Therefore, they have to hire a lawyer who specializes in dealing such cases. Why do you need a DWI Lawyer? A person who faces the […]

How To Deal With A DWI Charge

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By: Abraham Avotina [ad_1] When a motorist refuses to submit to a lawful DWI test, his driving privileges will automatically be suspended in most states. If it is the driver’s first offense, the period of suspension typically lasts between one and six months. If he agrees to a sobriety test and his blood alcohol content […]

The Five Stages of DWI Grief

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By: Lawrence Newman [ad_1] I have counseled and represented clients as an attorney for eleven years, and prior to that practiced as a Chiropractic Physician for another ten years. Over all this time I have noticed a parallel pattern between the stages of grief with those patients with physical illness, and those people who have […]

Get an Attorney to Represent You For a DUI, DWI, Avoid a Lifetime of Punishment

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By: Sharon B Morris [ad_1] A Lifetime of Punishment Won’t Deter Molesters; Treatment Can Franz Kafka’s novel “In the Penal Colony” describes a punishment machine that inflicts dire and torturous pain on prisoners strapped to a wooden bed. Above the prisoner, a parallel bed with large needles attached repeatedly pumps down on the prisoner’s body, […]