By: Abraham Avotina

DUI charges are not what they used to be. In fact they have changed quite a bit over the last few decades. Being charged with driving under the influence was once considered to be a minor offense, unless someone was hurt as a result of what took place. The penalties tended to lean in the direction of fines or the need to take a special class. Not much fuss was made about those who were found driving while under the influence of alcohol.

That has changed dramatically and today such charges are taken more seriously, gravely seriously in fact. Hiring a qualified DUI lawyer is in the best interests of any person who has been charged with such an offense. If you are charged with driving under the influence, then the consequences you face could be severe. You could lose your driver’s license, have to pay costly fines and even risk doing time in jail.

Being arrested on these charges is not something that you should go alone. For your sake and for the sake of your freedom you should find a DUI lawyer who is well versed in cases similar to yours. Hiring an attorney to represent you is the very first thing you should do upon being arrested.

If you think one attorney is as good as the next then think again. You need the best of the bunch and just any lawyer will not do. Who you need is an expert and experienced DUI lawyer who will be able to see your case to the final end and will help to ensure that the outcome is a successful one. Your life is at stake after all, and you need the most professional and qualified help that you can find.

If you wonder why you even need an attorney for a DUI charge then you would not be the first person to ask that question. The reason why finding a DUI lawyer is so essential is because he is the only individual who is standing between you (the accused) and the punishment that you might have to endure. Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because you had a drink or two (and not 10 or 12) that the court will automatically be more empathetic to your situation as this is almost certain not to be the case. The court will want you to be sentenced in the harshest manner possible and your attorney is the only way who can champion for you.

The DUI lawyer who represents you can look at the evidence against you and decide how best to proceed with your defense. He will look for errors in the Breathalyzer test administration, the testing equipment calibration, the field sobriety test administration, and any errors that were made during the arrest. If he can get the charges against you dropped he will.