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Talking With a DUI Lawyer

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By: Andrew Stratton

A DUI lawyer is a professional with the legal experience to help you to fight your driving under the influence charge. In most situations, individuals who are experiencing this type of legal situation have a significant amount of evidence working against them. If you are like many people, you are unsure what to expect going forward. Before you step foot into a courtroom or discuss your case with anyone else, talk to an attorney who specializes in this type of help. In doing so, you will find yourself in a much better place legally.

Learn What Is Going to Happen

The first thing to discuss with your DUI lawyer is what you can expect to happen. Will you be arraigned? Will you be given bail? Will you be allowed to drive? You need answers to these questions. However, it is not always possible to know this until you talk to the judge. The problem is, every situation is significantly different because of your past and the individual circumstances of your case. It is very important, then, for individuals to spend some time discussing their options with their attorney. Based on his or her experience, it may be possible to learn what to expect.

Find Out Your Options

Consider the options you have. When faced with driving under the influence, many people face fines, penalties on their driving record, jail time and counseling. These punishments worsen for those who are facing reckless driving charges that resulted in any type of loss to life, person or property. In addition, you may need to have a breathalyzer installed on your vehicle. Some are forced to attend rehab for a period of time. Community service may be a requirement. You may also be forced to pay restitution for any loss you caused.

You may have options to fight your charges. In some situations, it is possible to prove you did not drink and drive. It is possible to do this by proving you were unfairly treated, the equipment was not properly programmed or that other conditions caused you to drive the way you were driving. Your attorney will discuss the feasibility of using any of these charges and what the next step should be if you are going to go through with a not guilty plea.

Every situation is different. That is why it is very important for individuals to talk with their DUI lawyer about their options in full. You should know what to expect and what you can do about the charges before you enter into a courtroom. Going in without an attorney or using the court-appointed one for your needs, may reduce your chances of getting the best outcome possible.


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