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The Consequences Of A DUI – What Happens To Your Driving Privileges?

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By: George N Anderson

If you’re stopped and found to be driving a car under the influence of alcohol, you’ll probably pick up a DUI charge. Drunk driving is a severe offense, and many states don’t treat kindly with drivers who are caught. A DUI conviction will lead to quite a bit of negative fallout in your life in many cases. Some places of employment have even considered terminating employees over DUIs. However, one of the most significant impacts it could have on your life is the suspension or revocation of your privileges to operate a vehicle.

Why Would You Lose Your Privileges?

In most states, if you’re caught operating a car under the influence, there may be a period of suspension for your driver’s license. When your license is suspended, you are no longer allowed to get behind a vehicle and drive. If you decide to ignore that stipulation, you’ll likely face additional fines and potentially get some jail time as well. In some cases, after the suspension, if you haven’t violated any other laws and are in good standings, you may get your license back. However, renewing a license that’s been suspended may carry with it other points of consideration.

Repeat Offenders May Face Even More Serious Consequences

If it’s not your first time getting hit with a DUI, the courts are unlikely to grant you much leniency. Drunk driving is a serious enough an offense that, if you didn’t learn your lesson the first time around, the state might have no choice but to revoke your driver’s license outright. If they perform a revocation, then you’re not allowed to drive or hold a license for a set period. In some extreme cases, they may ban you from having or applying for a license indefinitely. Typically, when you end up in this situation, you might need to appeal it or throw yourself at the mercy of the court. They might offer you some consideration if you go to a rehab program for drinking.

Drunk Driving Endangers Everyone

The consequences of DUIs are severe because a drunk driver can cause untold damage and destruction. They can also lead to people losing their lives due to the negligence of the drunk driver. That is why most states have strict laws against drunk driving offenses. It is best to never get behind a vehicle even if you’ve had just one drink. The risk of losing your life or killing innocent people is not worth the convenience of getting behind the vehicle and thinking you are fine. If you, unfortunately, do make the mistake of driving drunk and get hit with a DUI, it’s best to contact a DUI attorney quickly to discuss what your best options are going forward. He or she can let you know what to do next so that you minimize the punishments towards your driving privileges.


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