How Would You Know If Your DUI Rights Have Been Violated? Know The Truth

By: Renz Ariane Soriano [ad_1] Most drivers do not even know they have their rights, especially when pulled over for suspicion of DUI. It’s a very upsetting scenario and even threatening after being pulled over, right? You might be embarrassed with the situation that you have been accused of committing DUI. So, what should you […]

Know Your Rights – What to Do and Not Do When Arrested

By: George N Anderson [ad_1] The police are always watching, sometimes even when you don’t know they’re there. They might be waiting for the perfect moment to arrest someone who they think is a criminal. However, what happens if you get arrested? Should you just give up and do whatever the cops say? Absolutely not! […]

Criminal Attorney – Working Tirelessly to Defend Your Case and Your Rights

By: Abraham Avotina [ad_1] If you are facing criminal charges, your best line of defense is to hire a reputable and experience criminal attorney. Even if your case is a less serious one, these attorneys have the knowledge and expertise that will leave a big impact on the outcome of your case and ensure your […]