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How Would You Know If Your DUI Rights Have Been Violated? Know The Truth

By: Renz Ariane Soriano

Most drivers do not even know they have their rights, especially when pulled over for suspicion of DUI. It’s a very upsetting scenario and even threatening after being pulled over, right? You might be embarrassed with the situation that you have been accused of committing DUI. So, what should you do next? Know your rights now and fight for it.

* After you have just been pulled out for DUI offense, you just can’t help yourself. And you would just bother yourself on what’s going to happen to your life now. It is very important to know that you have the right to remain silent. You are allowed to refuse to answer any questions. You cannot be forced to disclose any information to the police. Hence, you are not required to prove your case to the police because they are the ones who are responsible for developing the evidence. If you were forced to voice out, your DUI rights have been violated.

* You also have the right to request for an attorney to be present throughout interrogation and ask your attorney for advice before the trial. If the police deprived you of having an attorney at your side during investigation and endures to ask you questions, then again your rights may have been violated.

* If you have been convicted of a crime, you are still worthy of a humane and benevolent treatment, no matter how severe the suspected crime is. If you are held in a cell and you were deprived of foodstuff and water, you have the right to express and tell your attorney about it. You have to be treated accordingly as a human person. Besides, you should practice to be an advocate of your own rights. So that your rights will not be violated by anyone, especially the police officers who pulled you out.

* Be equipped of the knowledge that the foundation of the criminal justice system in most states is the certainty that, “All people are innocent until proven guilty.” If you were dealt with situations mistakenly while trial is still pending, don’t just sit and relax watching what they are doing against your right. That is exactly a violation to your rights.

Remember that you have the right to appeal to your rights. Don’t drive if drunk. Think of it as the most prudent way of preventing ruthless and unexpected things from happening.

Having a qualified and aggressive criminal law attorney at your side can help you through these. Do as you are told by your attorney and follow the checklist of DUI rights may provide you with guidance and direction.


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