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By: Joseph Devine

When you are involved in a Milwaukee homicide case, you need to make sure that you have a Milwaukee criminal lawyer that can take care of your case. Homicide cases can become complicated depending on what all the details of the crime are.

Homicide is technically defined as killing another human being. Depending on the circumstances of the accident will determine whether or not the act was actually illegal. This is the portion that becomes complicated. Criminal homicide can be divided into quite a few different categories. Murder is one of the first categories. Murder is considered killing someone else purposefully. This is not always included as a criminal homicide depending on the state’s regulations and laws.

The next category is manslaughter which can also be divided into groups of its own. There can be both voluntary and involuntary manslaughter depending on the situation that surrounded the homicide. Like the others, this can sometimes have its own category depending on which state it is and what laws they have defining the different types of homicide.

Criminal homicide also has names that define who was killed during the homicide. This may seem complicated but it helps to determine more information about what happened during the situation when the homicide occurred. Patricide means that you have killed your father. Matricide means that you have killed your mother. Filicide means that you have killed your child and genocide means that you killed a large group of people based on religious, national, or ethnic reasons. There are many other types of homicide that help to describe the situation and what or who was killed.

Justifiable homicide is slightly different than most of the other homicides that were previously described. Justifiable homicide means that you killed someone as a defense for something that might have been happening to you. Usually this type of homicide is recognized as a self defense to protect you and your family. This means that you are permitted to commit homicide in order to defend and protect both yourself and your family. This is a defense to make sure that you or your family is not harmed. If you were to have someone come in to your home with a gun and try to rob you, you have the right to kill that person because they are trying to harm you and your family. This is included as self defense.


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