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A Criminal Attorney Gives the Accused a Voice

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By: Abraham Avotina

It isn’t easy to stand up to the justice system without the help of a criminal attorney. Being accused of a crime is often a traumatic and overwhelming experience. A person wants to stand up and defend him or herself but often, that voice is silenced by the way the system works. Without the guidance of a legal representative, they have no way to explain their side of the story or defend their rights.

Knowing When to Speak

Someone accused of a crime is often encouraged to speak when he or she is brought in for questioning. Without a criminal attorney there to regulate the conversation and how much is said, law enforcement can often take statements out of context or use them later while building their case. The person facing questioning needs to know when to speak and when not to speak.

Legal counsel will be able to provide a voice for the client and make a statement. This means that the criminal attorney becomes the gatekeeper between how much information and what information makes its way to the other individuals involved. This is a level of protection that people without legal representation miss out on.

Researching the Situation

Both the prosecuting side and the defensive side are looking to gain more information about what happened. The prosecutors have an entire staff, including police officers to go out and find every single detail about what happened. For the person being accused, this is a no win situation. They do not have access to the personnel necessary and they have no idea of where to start the search.

A criminal attorney understands that this research is the key to winning the case. He or she will use investigators, request information from the authorities, and question some of the individuals involved. A lawyer knows just where to start looking and how to get the necessary information as quickly as possible.

Making Tough Decisions

At some point, there may be legal decisions that need to be made in a timely fashion. The other side may offer an opportunity to plea down to a lesser charge. These decisions need to be made as soon as possible so that the accused can get on with his or her life. With the help of a criminal attorney, someone can use knowledge of the case as well as past experience to make the right decision.

Trying to exercise your own voice when accused of a crime can be difficult. You may not know what to say or when you should say it. Sometimes, no one wants to listen. This is one of the main reasons for retaining the services of a lawyer at the earliest possible moment.


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