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By: Aurel Marian

Legal Claim UK is a network of specialist personal injury solicitors operating nationwide throughout the United Kingdom who offer free accident claims advice. Our lawyers are all members the Law Society panel of personal injury experts? and deal with cases using no win no fee. Compensation in full with absolutely no deductions? and win or lose there is no charge. Our no win no fee scheme is completely risk free and you will not be asked to pay anythi ng at all as the case proceeds.

It is estimated that over 11 million accidents causing personal injury occur in Britain every year and over two million of those are caused by the negligence of another person. The law entitles those who have been the victim of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence to claim compensation for personal injury and loss. The civil courts are an essential resource for people who have been injured and ensure that they have the power to claim damages for pain and suffering and to cover the costs of me dical treatment, loss of earnings and other expenses incurred.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors begin by carrying out a thorough investigation of the case before agreeing to take it on. They will discuss the matter with you in detail and consider all of the circumstances of the accident . If they believe that the claim has a reasonable chance of success and is likely to succeed they will then outline a winning strategy and begin collecting evidence.

A number of factors affect the likelihood of the claims success:

Timescale: It is unlikely that a solicitor will be willing to deal with the case if the incident occurred more than three years ago. The limitation period for most personal injury claims is three years and if the case is not settled or proceedings have not been issued in a court of law prior to that time then the matter becomes statute barred. There are exceptions to this rule the most important one being that time does not begin to run until a person reaches the age of 18 years. There are other excepti ons and accident claims advice should always be sought in regards to matters relating to limitation.

Injuries: The doctor who originally treated the injury will hold medical details, which are of paramount importance when making a claim. The solicitor will use this record as evidence of the type and cause of the injury and if necessary will obtain other specialist medical opinion as the case proceeds. It is therefore extremely important that medical advice is obtained as soon as possible after any accident either from a General Practitioner or from the local hospital Accident and Emergency department.

The Police: A specialist accident claims advice solicitor will liaise with any police officers who witnessed the accident or the occurrences shortly after the accident and will usually obtain a copy of the police accident report which will be made available as soon as any relevant criminal prosecutions are completed. A policeman may be called to give evidence in any civil court case for damages if necessary.

Witnesses: Sometimes there are witnesses and it helps if their statements are collected immediately. Witness statements greatly support the claimant?s case however these statements should never be obtained personally by the injured person. A solicitor or a private enquiry agent employed on the clients behalf will usually obtain signed statements which will verify the clients version of events.

Evidence: The more evidence and information gathered, the greater the success rate and clients are recommended to take detailed photographs of the location and any injuries. A daily diary charting the recovery from injury is also useful in assessing any compensation payable for pain and suffering. All receipts for expenses incurred should be retained.

If you have been injured in an accident within the last three years that wasn’t your fault you should contact us. You will receive a complete professional service from lawyers who specialise in claiming compensation for personal injury caused as a result of an accident.


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